Calcium Propionate, Sodium Propionate


  • ROMOBAN prevents growth of mold and rope in baked products
  • ROMOBAN is non-volatile, non-corrosive.
  • Easily miscible with water and safe to handle.
  • It does not affect the flavour, taste and the appearance of baked goods.


In white breads, the concentration varies from 60 gms to 255 gms. The table given below shows the recommended number of gms of ‘ROMOBAN’ per 90 kg of Flour to give 2 to 3 days increase in moldfree life.

In dark breads, concentration varies from 115 gms. to 340 gms. The average pH for the dark bread dough is 5.6 to 5.8. At a given pH, dark bread requires slightly more ROMOBAN than white bread for the same mold inhibition.


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