INCI Name: Ammonium Phosphatide (E442) / Lecithin YN.


Finamul 1909 is an emulsifier based on vegetable oil (Non GMO). A replacement of Soya lecithin in Chocolate coating and compound recipes.

Major Applications

Finamul 1909 is used in chocolates as the main emulsifier.

Finamul 1909 reduces viscosity and improves the flow properties in chocolate coatings performing better than Soya lecithin.

Finamul 1909 reduces the yield value of the chocolate more than Soya lecithin.

Finamul 1909 need not be heated before use due to it’s low viscosity.

Use Level

Finamul 1909 can be used at the same use levels as lecithin, However, at use level above 0.4%, it’s superior performance can be noticed distinctly.

Finamul 1909 should be added to the chocolate mass approx.1 hour before finishing the conching process & if required, a small quantity may be added during mixing.